Electric Dust Brush



Specifications: Type of Cleaner: Dusting Form: Brush Material: ABS + Electric Motor + Nylon Main Color: Green White Size: Show in the picture Application: Chandeliers, Computer Keyboards, Blinds, High Shelves, Stereo Equipment, Wicker baskets and more.

Features: Easy to use and clean dust, 3 Duster heads( 3 different sizes). Soft and spinning Brush, more convenient to clean dust. Requires 4pcs AA batteries (not included).

Usage: 1.Determined using a long rod or a short rod before use. 2. Install it on the electric handle, and then spray a little cleaner. 3. After use, Take the cleaning rod into the water in a readily cleaned.

Package Included: (Without Batteries) 1 x Electric Handle 3 x Duster(includes one Long Pole, one King-rod, one Short Pole) 1 x EMPTY Bottle.



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