Absorbent Cleaning Towel



It's like a Chamois, Towel, and a Sponge, all in One. 8 piece set – 4 large towel cloths and 4 small towel cloths. 


The massive ShamWow towels are 20 x 23.5 inches and the minis are 15 x 15 inches You can cut the large ones in half to use as a bath mat, drain your dishes, under your crisper to keep the veggies fresh and even make smaller ones for dish rags.


Soaks up to 10x it's weight in any liquid! Easily absorbs cola, wine, and pet stains. Doesn't drip, doesn't make a mess.


Washes, dries, and polishes any surface. Great for drying and cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, carpet stains, windows, car, boat, and RV. Great Camp Towel. Even cleans your dog or ca

will not scratch any surface…Lasts up to 10 years


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